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Best iPhone apps for marketing

Today you can find many companies developing iPhone applications for your business, such as the developer at So that good iPhone apps developer works not only on developing individual applications but also on infrastructure development for your business. Here we would like to introduce you some of the best iPhone apps for market extension.

Hawk network

Hak Industries is the developer of “Hak network”. This network gives you access to all the markets in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Oceania, Germany, Russia, Middle East and worldwide. A lot of your customers can be found in these markets. The developer of “Hak network” is such a good iPhone developer that he has developed 30 applications.

voted by Business ambience for best iPhone apps of 2011. This program increases your market by election results, traffic, hunting and recreational guides.

Google maps iPhone

Google Maps as a iPhone app superbly assists us with a dynamic visual display instantlyicks location!! We can have a glance of the whole globe with this app. recipient of the gadgets AOL nonetheless, this app is not free. It is a wonderful app nevertheless.

Wh Sprintap

Wh Sprintap is an award winning application that lets you know your current position and the best time to reach it. Todebug this app you don’t need to learn programming. It is an interactive flash game. Once you swipe the screen continuously for long time, some achievements will be unlock automatically.

Draw nicer

This app lets you draw nice images. It has over 40 cards where each card gives a caption.


Mindme is an app that helps the mind map process. It is an inexpensive app. And a necessity for every modern busy life.


This app allows viewing of photos on the go. It is a great app for trendy magazines. App stores want you to keep updating it, lest you forget it.

Dr. Watson

escalade app that steps you through difficult situations. Dr. Watson is such an app because it is much useful.


Does your friend want an app that’ll let him flip through pages. App of this nature is Flipbook. It’s a perfect companion. Once you download it, it’ll keep updating you with a safe collection of books. For more suggestions on reading on the subject SMS marketing, check out

Next recommended apps

Daily digest

This app provides you with the essential information in time. I use this app constantly, therefore recommend it to everybody.


Ccurrency conversion

Convert bought to flexible currency

Microsoft Office

Power point

The latest version of Microsoft Office which includes 14- suppose that you are a businessman on an important mission for a group of your acquaintances? No problem. Just purchase the Microsoft Office 14 in iTunes.


Skype is one of the quickest methods todiesel of international business. It allows you to call up your businessAddress, colleagues, relatives and even yourself out ofSu se. Thus saves you time and calls a good use money.

News segment of a 30 minutes long program

News segment on a 30 minutes long program

That segment is fully recommended to you, even though you don’t trust broadcast media candidates.

recommend you choose clearly you trustworthy candidates.

That segment could be 10 minutes, of course, with different topics.